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Cricket in P.E. BAD CHARLIE!!

P.E. was not fun, charlie in year 6 almost killed me(Jenna). I shouted him lodes of times but he still didn’t listen, well it all started when us year 6’s were playing Cricket. It came to charlies turn when it was the first round and Mr Postle threw the ball on about Charlie’s 3rd go of bating and running  and then that’s when he hit the ball and it came rushing past my neck. Well if you’re wondering why i’m complaining it was only because the sun was my eyes. So yes the ball came right past me and it was next to my neck!!!It almost killed me…


Solar Eclipse Year 3

During the extra time before Big Write,we decided to make a projector to look through the eclipse.In fact, you are not allowed to look straight through the sun,because it can damage your eyesight and you will be blind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Gabriel Y3

Govners day

On Governers day we decide on what things to have at school and they wood see how good we are at learning in school.

And  they told us what toys we coud have to play for wet play or outside toys.



Miss Mclean’s gardening assembly

Miss Mclean did a assembly about the allotment and big dig.She explained that the soil in the allotment needed to be turned over and some broad beans needed to be planted.Last year a group of children out of each class came out to the allotment to do a big dig.I was one of the children it was really fun .

Mollie and Rio

School Dinner

School dinners are so good they are so tasty every single time you eat there food they are NICE !!!!!!

Today I had an delicious tasty fish fingers,bread,tomato sauce,chips and beans

By Declan Armitage

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