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Lily pad Mayhem !

we came into our Yr 5 classroom and found Lily pads scattered everywhere .We didn’t have a clue what it was all about.All Yr5 were eager to find out the reason why Lily pads were everywhere in our classroom.

DSC00301 DSC00302 DSC00303

Rio and Mollie

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5 thoughts on “Lily pad Mayhem !

  1. kayley year 4 on said:

    well done its your first blog .

  2. joshua on said:

    It was very hard to find out who did it but we still haven’t found out 😦

  3. Charlotte on said:

    This day was very fun espically when kelsey did a very good voice expresion.

  4. summer on said:

    well done that must of been hard because it was your first blog

  5. summer on said:

    it looked fun . wel done:)

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