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Yesterday Y5 had a important job to do to find who the thief of Mrs Reads necklace was.Then we had to put some out fits on because if we get something on the floor that could mean that we was the thief. so we got 5 people  and questioned them. then miss pickup showed the necklace.  MISS Pickup was the thief. By Emil and Jamie.

DSC00286 DSC00285 DSC00287

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5 thoughts on “CSI

  1. Miss Rodham on said:

    Wow! Looks like you had a very interesting day!

  2. Kennedy on said:

    It was fun when we had to put the white suites on and the shoe protectors on to come into the classroom to look for evidence. Like fingerprints, hairs, blood and any other DNA.

  3. summer on said:

    that day looked intresting

  4. kayley year 4 on said:

    ace that would be good

  5. destiny on said:

    It was really fun when we put white suttes on and we could come down to the class room

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