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Esafety dilemma 3

You have been chatting to someone online.  They ask you for your full name, the school you go to and your mobile number.

What do you do?

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9 thoughts on “Esafety dilemma 3

  1. say no don’t ever give your full name

    billy lee yr5

  2. destiny on said:

    i would leave it and go get my mum and dad so they can see it then whatever they say wats opropriet i will do it.

  3. Emily on said:

    Say no because you could get into TROUBLE

  4. Aidan on said:

    Say NO!!! because you dont know them.

  5. Joshua on said:

    you woled tell someone that you can trust to help you with woever sent you that message

  6. Rio on said:

    If they ask all of that then they are asking for your persenal infomation.

  7. Niamh on said:

    I would say no becuase they would want to meet up.

  8. Don’t give them your full name and phone number because they can call you and go to you address and you dont know the person. Dont ever give anyone your personal infomation

    Nathan y5

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