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Esafety dilemma 2

You have been chatting to someone online and then they suggest you meet up.  You have never met this person before.

What would you do?


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8 thoughts on “Esafety dilemma 2

  1. tell an adult or say no to the stranger

  2. jamie on said:

    I would tell my mum and them block them.

  3. destiny on said:

    You say N.O spells no i dont know you then delete it and block them.If you carnt block them then delete your accaunt.

  4. Joshua on said:

    tell an perant or say no to that person

  5. I would say no because I’m talking to a random personn and I’ve never met the person before

    Nathan Y5

  6. Aidan on said:

    Tell a adult

  7. Niamh on said:

    I would tell a adult and say no becuase I have never bet that person.

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