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to day in d:side we were talking about smoking and when we did it we sore a body and when we did it we sore that rat poisan  was in it can you believe it. it was very hard to do it and you will not believe how hard it was. whoch next week update

by kodey and bailey

Back to school.

This week we came back to school. not much happened but in computing we went on learn anywhere and we participated in a online discussion.  

summer and conner

Desides Visit

In year 3 and 4 today D side visited Grimes Dyke and a lady come in called Hazel. She taught us drinking a kind of way in drinking  vodkas ,whiskys and beers.Then we learnt what kind of part of your body it effects you on.Then Hazel said do you want to play a game? We all said yes!! The game was where you put some drunk glasses on and try walk around cones and a chair it was so hard it made you feel like you was actually drunk!!!

Kayley and Thomas


Yesterday Y5 had a important job to do to find who the thief of Mrs Reads necklace was.Then we had to put some out fits on because if we get something on the floor that could mean that we was the thief. so we got 5 people  and questioned them. then miss pickup showed the necklace.  MISS Pickup was the thief. By Emil and Jamie.

DSC00286 DSC00285 DSC00287


Today Year 1 created pictograms.




African Drumming Night

Last night was African Drumming Night.

We learn`t a dance and a song and Mrs Vastel taught us the dance she danced and her group did the instruments.

She danced to the music that her band played.

DSC01199 DSC01176 DSC01208  DSC01232

By Kayley and Thomas

safer internet

to day in big write we have be writing about the internet and I writed 3 pages  and i did very well and bailey did fine i ges so and i think that is that is it for now

by kodey and bailey

We recorded are CD!!!!!!!

We recorded  are school CD all the classes and instrument groups made a song.It took a whole day to  record. By Summer & Connor



Pankcake day

On Thursday we had a Pancake day that is Miss Hills fravourite day we had it on Thursday because on Tuesday it is school holidays.We did it in the french way.Emma and Nathan got chose to do the baking with Miss Hill.Then  Mr William  went to fliped a pankcake. the he chose  Kai .

By Emily and Jamie



Esafety dilemma 5

You receive a message saying something mean about someone you know.

What would you do?

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