Team GD

Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve


L.O: to know how to write verbs in different tenses.

Past                        Present                        Future   

Ran                           Run                               I will run.

Skipped                 Skip                              Tomorrow I will skip to school.

Laughed                Laugh                              I fell like laughing.

Left                          Leave                             Yesterday I left school early.

Created                  Create                             I will create a painting.

Produced            Produce                            I am going to produce a picture. 

Avoided              Avoid                                 I need to avoid from getting caught.

I saw someone that begged for money.

I need to beg to get my own way.

I will beg to go shopping if my mum wont let me.

I blew a balloon up.

My brother can blow a balloon up.

I will blow a balloon up.

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