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This week Y5 have being hot seating characters from the book Cloud Tea Monkeys . The character how we hot seated were :Tashi,Tea Taster,Overseer,auntie.The monkey’s were very smart because they went up to the mountains and they clotted tea from the clouds.

DSC00099 (2)

By Jamie and Emily.

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5 thoughts on “Litercey

  1. Charlotte carr on said:

    I think learning about Cloud Tea monkeys were very fun and i think the best thing about it were doing the Hot Set. 🙂

  2. shona on said:

    I liked doing the legend of the cloud tea monkeys because we did a comic strip and we learned a lot about it I would like to do more

  3. Emily on said:

    I like the legend to it is very fun learning about it.

  4. What literacy did you do but it looks so cool!!!!!!!!!

  5. That was fun for the other people that did not act as the over seer, the Royal Tea Taster, Aunt sonum and Tashi the people that were asking the questions were laughing their head’s of

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