Team GD

Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve


Some activities that can take part in at a leisure centre are:  a beautiful new swimming pool;and a inflatable surf board ;and  a little pool for the little girls and boys.
At the seaside town Scarborough you can :go on the fun rides;and eat fish and chips;and go in the see and have a splash.;making sandcastles on the wet beach;play a game of football.
When crossing the road: you must look both ways;when you hear a car do not cross;if there is a red light do not cross;if there is a green men lit up you can cross.
Some ways in which you should behave in the dinner hall are: do not stand on the chairs;have table manners when you are at the dinner table;when your eating do not open your mouth;hold your knife and forks right.
You can stay healthy by;eating lots of fruit ;go have a run ;drink lots of protein;drink lots of water.

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