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Whole school Theatre trip

Today, the whole school went to the West Yorkshire playhouse. It was fun when the actors threw the huge peach into the crowd, everybody was laughing. Foundation stage went to see Father Christmas, And KS2 went to see James and the Giant peach. It was amazing because the actors were very realistic and the music was great.

James      100_1298

By Nathan R and Connor W

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5 thoughts on “Whole school Theatre trip

  1. Jackie Read on said:

    It really was amazing wasn’t it! I loved it!

  2. Miss Hill on said:

    A new Team GD tradition I think!

  3. Going to see it was amazing I think we should save up to go again it was real fun

  4. James and the Giant peach was really amazing we got to touch the peach and some people got to go on the stagde and they even got orange tickets it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LIZZIE on said:

    I agree I hope Yr 6 can go again before they leave but when we went I didn’t get to touch the peach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD face! LOL!

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