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Grimes Dyke flash mob

This morning in assembly we surprised miss Hill by doing our own flash mob dance. Thanks to Miss Vastel for planning this dance for us.It was a french song called moustache. All the staff and children thought it was amazing.DSC00349

From Shauna and Tyler.

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11 thoughts on “Grimes Dyke flash mob

  1. Yvette Chapman on said:

    There are so many fun moments at Grimes Dyke but this has to be one of my favourites.

  2. Miss Hill on said:

    I loved it but was very very shocked! I can’t believe that nobody let the secret slip. I’m just so glad that Bobby in red class was there to hold my hand!

  3. Nicola Mclean on said:

    Loved it, can’t wait to see the video and watch it all over again!

  4. It was Amazing and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LIZZIE on said:

    The flashmob Madam Vastelle taught us were very fun it looked very weird (the dance) at first but everyone loved doing it!!I hope that we can do another one before Year 6, me, leave!

    Lizzie Nickname: Betty

  6. Madame Vastel on said:

    Today during a staff meeting on French, we watched the video of the flashmob. Stephanie Puyssegur, the school improvement consultant who led the meeting with me, was most impressed. She even asked whether she could show it to other schools as a great example of how to have fun while learning a new language.
    Merci tout le monde! Now, we need to think who we are going to flash mob next … He he he …

  7. Charlotte on said:

    I think that the flash mob was very fun and it was funny when Nathan ,Lydia,Connor and Alexia got up and started dancing and then other people got up to start to dance and then we all got up !

  8. kasey on said:

    the flash mode were so fun I liked it when we all got up and did it that were fun

  9. kayley year 4 on said:

    this was brillaint thanks mrs fastell

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