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On Wednesday  every class came out and dug some of the allotment. We are going to have some  competitions through the year like growing a pumpkin then carving the scary face and the tallest sun flower.

Emma and Brogan

Grimes Dyke flash mob

This morning in assembly we surprised miss Hill by doing our own flash mob dance. Thanks to Miss Vastel for planning this dance for us.It was a french song called moustache. All the staff and children thought it was amazing.DSC00349

From Shauna and Tyler.

Y5 Animal Posters

In Year 5 we have been working on Rainforest Animals. We created animals like Jaguars and Anacondas and stuck them on a piece of big paper and then wrote some facts about them to make posters.

Amazon pictures 016Amazon pictures 006

Nathan R and Charlotte

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