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Last night my friend came over for tea and we had fish and chips with beans and it was delicious.

Beavers camping at Bramhope.

On the 5th December the 14th cross gates Beaver scouts are to Bramhope and I am one. On camp I am going to be a cub and I am really excited.

Jurrassic park 4

Jurassic park movie is known as lost world of Jurassic park 4.

kala gymnastics and baileys fotball kills

i like fotball it’s great it’s really really cool because you get to do skill on peopole.

I made a friend

Today I made a new friend called Brooke she is a good friend.

Today we went to lunchtime club we went on the computer.

football Declan and joe

Joe and Declan paled football  and scored 10 goals in 30 mins . It was really hard to score agenst marley and ryan with harry in net for us.

when I play out with Tyler and Harry.

I like it when i play out with Tyler and Harry.

We play out with are bikes or scooters or with are wi flicker scooter.

Me and Tyler and Harry and my brother Lewis plays out with me.

We play out on the street together.

We play on the trampoline or out on the street.

Year 4 and Dataloggers

Today Year 4 learnt about the data loggers. They got them out and had a play.


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