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GD’s big dig

On Thursday morning we had a assembly about GD’s big Dig. It was basically because Mrs Tonkin has retired so Miss Mclean did an assembly about Gardening. She told us that the garden needs us and that we can keep it nice and tidy for the summer so it could survive.

By Nathan and Charlotte

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children in need

On Friday  we did a chocolate  hamper for children in need. Children in need is all about cancer support and illness support. Also for people  who live in hot countries like Africa because they have dirty water.

by Emma and Brogan.

Mary Anning

In Year 6 we have been learning about Mary Anning.  She was famous for finding the first fossils, but at that time they were called curiosities.  We all did some work about her.  Here is a picture of my work.  Do you like it?



By Shauna and Tyler

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