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Year 5’s Rainforest

This week Year 5 made a rainforest. There are 4 different layers. They are called The Tree Trunks,The Floor layer, The canopy and then The emergent layer.The emergent layer is the very top of the forest .After lunch we made some animals like, parrots, butterflies, bats, cheetah and sloths. We had to put it all together and display it on the wall.Then Shannon went to go and get Miss Hill from her office. She said “WOW  that is amazing! Well done Year 5! You have tried very hard.”

100_1283 100_1285

By Emily and Charlotte

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5 thoughts on “Year 5’s Rainforest

  1. Carolyn Farrell on said:

    I love the photos of your display. It looks like you worked very hard on your rainforest. It’s fantastic that you know the names of the different layers.
    Mrs Farrell

  2. Hannah and Franki and Ryan on said:

    Hi year 5 you all tried very hard. WELL DONE.

  3. darcey and megan on said:

    It looks really colourful and bright.It’s amazing how you can make it look so realistic.
    By Megan and Darcey.

  4. mya on said:

    WOW year5 I am in supr in prest .

  5. jess on said:

    you are good love it

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