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Lizzie and Chloe’s scratch

Declan and John Paul’s scratch

Tyler and David’s scratch


This week year 4 have been reading a book and it is called fox and we made story maps for dog and magpie.Mine starts like

this dog and magpie go to Africa  and a giraffe nearly got stood on .

by Brogan and Emma

Stuff to do in your free time Scratch.

In computing this week we have been working on programming using scratch. It is a really good tool and everyone loved

it. There was a lot of good ones and here is one of them it was made by Shauna and Conner.p.

By Tyler and Shauna.

Anti-Bullying March

Today, the whole school went on a march for Anti-Bullying week. We made posters to hold up whilst we were walking. Whether it was raining or not, we still went out. Everybody loved it


By Nathan R and Charlotte

Function Machines

Yesterday Year 3 used some Function Machines that had been made by Year 4!  They had great fun! And the best bit: they worked!

DSC00178 DSC00179 DSC00180 DSC00181

Mrs Farrell’s Scratch

I made this for the Year 6 lesson tomorrow.


On Wednesday  every class came out and dug some of the allotment. We are going to have some  competitions through the year like growing a pumpkin then carving the scary face and the tallest sun flower.

Emma and Brogan

Grimes Dyke flash mob

This morning in assembly we surprised miss Hill by doing our own flash mob dance. Thanks to Miss Vastel for planning this dance for us.It was a french song called moustache. All the staff and children thought it was amazing.DSC00349

From Shauna and Tyler.

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