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The Village That Vanished

In year 4 we have been learning about a book called the Village That Vanished. Last week we acted out some part’s of the book. We made some trees because the setting of the book was set in Africa. We wrote our own prayer because at the beginning of the story a woman  said a prayer. Today we wrote our own story set in Africa in our big write.

By Abigail and Gracie

Year 5 Head Dresses

In the last week of school, year 5 have been making carnival headdresses just like Brazil. Because a lady, who makes headdresses100_1210for carnivals, came in to show us 2 of them so we decided to make some ourselves. Everyone put a lot of effort into them and eventually finished them and they were fantastic.

Nathan R

Black History Month year 5 and 6

This week year 5 and 6 are learning about Muhammad Ali and Mary Prince. The girls have been learning about Mary Prince and the boys have been learning about Muhammad Ali. Some of us did a Notebook presentation that we shared with the class but some of the girls did a written book.

Muhammad Ali       Mary prince

Jesse Owens

We have been learning about Jesse Owens the Olympic  sprinter  because it is black history  month. Jesse Owens  is the worlds fastest sprinter.  His dad is called Henry and his mum is called Emma. He has six brothers and six sisters  all in the same house.   He was born in 1913 on September 12th and he died in March 31st 1980.

Emma and Brogan

Rhino’s visit !

On the 9th of October a man from the Rhino’s team came to our school and told us about what the Rhino’s do and eat. He told us that they have 57 people that play for the Rhino’s. He put on a video of Ronny exercising, and the point of it was showing us how to keep fit and healthy.

100_1717     100_1705

Nathan R and Charlotte C

Hinduism story

On Monday we learnt about Diwali .  We acted out the Diwali story.  We made lanterns out of paper and drew fireworks on black paper.  It was awesome  and fun at same time.

Amelia and Joshua

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