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Therefore poem

Super Heroes

I am Sonic therefore I love running,

I am Mario therefore I am the best jumper,

I am Shadow therefore I teleport,

I am Fix it Felix therefore I like fixing.

By Thomas

Therefore poem


I  am a lion therefore I’m king of the jungle!

I am an elephant therefore I stomp on people,

I am a monkey therefore I love bananas,

I am a kangaroo therefore I love jumping,

I am a crocodile therefore I love chomping,

I am a snake therefore I shoot venom at you,

I am a hippo therefore I love swimming in water.

by Demi lee

A visit to Ripley

Yesterday year 3 and 4 explored Ripley. There was a boar in the town centre near the church. We all had a yummy ice cream at the end, the flavour was vanilla. Here are some   pictures of our work .

by Kayley and Nathan


Take one picture

photo 2

photo 3 photo 4

We have been learning  about a picture of  Saint Michael. We have made angels out of clay. We also made an old city. Here are some pictures of us trying some armour.


Welcome to our blog!

We are year 3 children and have been learning about blogs. We have been looking at loads of blogs by other year 3 children. This is our first post. We hope you enjoy reading our  blog!

Naomi and Simon

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