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year 3 school trip

yesterday we went on a school trip and saw a real life mummy . we did a workshop and we mummified a teddy .we also made a amulet to take home and show our parents our parents loved them.

school trip to museum

yesterday we whent on a school trip to the  leeds city museum.

Year 3 trip

We saw a real Egyptian mummy on the top floor. We were people

year 3 go to a museum.

yesterday we went to a museum and we all were shocked to find a real life mummy witch some people were shocked.

Year 3 school trip to the Leeds City Museum.

Hey guys we will be telling you our amazing adventure. First we investigated a REAL mummy. Before that we was looking all over the Leeds map and we was investigating very old stuff all around the museum the mummy was scary, Next we had lunch.



Year 3 Leeds city museum

Yesterday we went to the museum and our favourite thing was the real mummy.

year 3 school trip

year 3 went on a school trip yesterday and saw a real life mummy that was unraped. we went to a Egyptian workshop and mummified a teddy also did the steps of mummyfacaton. After that we made a amulet and we got to take them home and showed the to our parents.

year 3 museum trip

yesterday we went to Leeds city museum for a school trip. We looked at every room in the museum. The best part was the Roman room in the museum.

Year 3 museum trip

Yesterday we went into Leeds to visit the Leeds Museum. We saw a mummy and some papyrus.  My favourite bit was the mummy workshop because we pulled out a brain through the nose.


What is your favourite fact about Tutankhamun?


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